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This is an all in one automated driver pack solution (for Windows, iOS & Linux), that has the tendency to fix all type of driver's related errors & most common errors are mouse pad 'or' mouse not working, improper functionality of mouse or mouse pad, internet connectivity issues like limited connectivity, no connectivity or zero connectivity. 

Pro(s): All in one fully automated driver pack solution with expert mode.

Let us have a look at the whole process in detail:

1. First of all open your browser.

2. Type "" in the search box and press enter. 

3. After opening the website, click on install all required drivers. 

4. Save drivers pack to the desired location. 

5. Now, click on the downloaded file to run it. 

6. Hold on till the installation is being done.

7. Now, check the radio button in front of "run in the expert mode".

8. Wait for the diagnostics of the required drivers.

9. Hear virtual assistant voice for required instructions.

10. Click on install all.

11. Wait till installation & configuration of windows running.

12. Now click on reboot.

13. Installation for drivers is done, but you can opt for additional windows software if want to install through the redirected windows that appear after the restart. 

Note: All the drivers may not be available for Linux, So, in order to convert windows drivers to Linux you need to install NDIS-wrapper.

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