If you are looking for a helpdesk software that can streamline your customer service, improve your team's productivity and enhance your customer satisfaction, you should consider using freshdesk. It is a cloud based customer service software that helps you provide fast and efficient support to your customers. With Freshdesk, you can manage all your customer interactions from one place, whether they come via email, phone, chat, social media 'or' your website. You can also automate workflows, create self-service portals, track SLAs, generate reports and more.

Freshdesk is easy to use, customize and scalable as business grows. It offers a wide range of features and integrations to help you manage your support tickets, automated workflows & provide self-service options to your customers. Whether you are an individual business/business startup, small/mid size business 'or' a large enterprise, Freshdesk has the right set of features that suits business specific needs and budget.

In this blog post, we will review features, working, industrial applications, benefits and drawbacks of freshdesk and help you decide, if it is the right choice for your business.

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  7. PROS & CONS


Freshdesk has a lot of features that can make your customer service more efficient and effective. Some of the primary features include:

1. Omnichannel support: Freshdesk allows you to manage all your customer interactions from one place, whether they come from email, phone, chat, social media, or your website. You can also integrate freshdesk with popular apps like whatsapp, facebook messenger, slack, and more to offer seamless support across multiple channels.

2. Ticketing system: Freshdesk allows you to create, assign, prioritize, track, and resolve support tickets from multiple channels, such as email, phone, chat, social media, and web forms. You can also customize your ticket fields, statuses, and workflows to suit your business needs.

3. Automation: Freshdesk lets you automate various tasks and actions based on predefined rules and triggers. For example, you can automatically assign tickets to agents based on their skills, availability, or workload. You can also send automated responses, notifications, reminders, and follow-ups to customers and agents.

4. Collaboration: Freshdesk enables you to collaborate with your team members and other departments within your organization. You can share notes, attachments, feedback, and ratings with your colleagues. You can also create groups, forums, and knowledge bases to facilitate knowledge sharing and problem-solving.

5. Reporting and analytics: Freshdesk provides you with comprehensive reports and dashboards that give you insights into your customer service performance. You can measure various metrics, such as ticket volume, resolution time, customer satisfaction, agent productivity, and more. You can also create custom reports and export them to different formats.

6. Self-service: Freshdesk helps you reduce your ticket load and empower your customers by providing them with self-service options. You can create a branded and searchable knowledge base that contains articles, FAQs, guides, and videos. You can also enable customers to submit tickets, check their status, and rate their experience through a customer portal.


In this paragraph, we will discuss how to use Freshdesk to manage customer support, from setting up your account to resolving tickets. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Sign up for a Freshdesk account and choose your plan.

2. Configure "Portal Name" & "Portal URL" in "Portal Settings" as per your company/brand name via path: "Admin (Settings) > Portals > Portal Name > Portal Settings" under the Freshdesk Dashboard as in figure above.

3. Customize your Freshdesk portal with your brand logo, helpdesk phone and favicon via path: "Admin (Settings) > Portals > Portal Name > Portal Settings" under Dashboard as in fig. above.

4. Add agents and teams to your Freshdesk account and assign roles and permissions via path: "Admin (Settings) > Agents" in the Freshdesk Dashboard as in fig. above.

5. Configure your email, phone & other info. properly from "Edit" option for any agent to receive copy of tickets from your customers (via path: "Admin (Settings) > Agents" under the Dashboard as in fig. above).
6. You may customize ticket fields, forms, and categories to collect relevant information from your customers.
7. Set up automation rules, scenarios, and workflows to handle tickets efficiently and consistently.
8. Use canned responses, solution articles, and macros to provide quick and accurate answers to common questions.
9. Monitor your support performance with reports, dashboards, and surveys.

10. Integrate Freshdesk with other tools and apps to enhance your support capabilities from Apps marketplace under Admin settings section.

Above steps, can be used to manage your customer support effectively and delight your customers with every interaction via Freshdesk. Let's get started here!


Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software that offers a range of pricing plans to suit different business needs. Whether you are a small business, a mid-sized company 'or' an enterprise, you can choose a plan that fits your budget and features. Here are the main differences between the plans:



Free Plan charges $0 upto 10 agents for lifetime. It includes features such as:

  • Integrated ticketing across email and social Ticket Dispatch
  • Knowledge Base
  • Ticket Trend Report
  • Out-of-the-box analytics and reporting
  • Choose your data center location
  • Team collaboration
  • 24x7 email support


Growth Plan charges $15/agent/mo paid annually 'or' $18/agent/mo paid month-by-month. It includes features such as:

  • Automation
  • Collision Detection
  • 1000+ marketplace apps
  • In-depth helpdesk report
  • SLA management & business hours
  • Custom Email Server
  • Custom Ticket Views
  • Custom ticket fields & status
  • Custom SSL
  • Easily track time spent by agents on tickets
  • 24x5 phone support


3. PRO

Pro Plan charges $49/agent/month paid annually 'or' $59/agent/mo paid monthly. It includes features such as:

    • Everything in Growth
    • Multiple products
    • Includes up to 5000 Collaborators
    • Round-robin routing
    • Custom Roles
    • Custom objects
    • Custom Reports and Dashboards
    • Segment customers for personalized support
    • Customer journey
    • Canned forms
    • Manage versions in knowledge base
    • Community forums
    • Extendable API Limits
    • CSAT surveys & reports
    • Multiple SLA policies & business hours
    • SLA reminder & escalation
    • Multilingual knowledge base
    • Custom apps
    • Average handling Time (AHT)
    • Custom Metrics
    • Report Sharing


      Enterprise Plan charges $79/agent/mo paid annually 'or' $95/agent/mo paid month-by-month. It includes features such as:

        • Everything in Pro
        • Assist bot
        • Email bot
        • Auto-triage
        • Article suggester
        • Canned response suggester
        • Unlimited products
        • Sandbox
        • Easily manage agent shifts across time zones
        • Audit log
        • Skill-based routing
        • Knowledge base approval workflow
        • Flexible knowledge base hierarchy
        • IP range restriction


        Freshdesk is a customer support software that helps businesses provide fast and efficient support to their customers. Freshdesk is used by various industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, and more. Here are some of the primary industrial sector that use Freshdesk:

        • Manufacturing: Freshdesk can help manufacturers streamline their workflows, manage their inventory, track their orders, and handle customer complaints. Freshdesk can also integrate with other tools, such as ERP, CRM, and IoT platforms, to provide a holistic view of the business operations and customer interactions.
        • Healthcare: Freshdesk can help healthcare providers deliver better patient care, reduce operational costs, and comply with regulatory standards. Freshdesk can also enable healthcare providers to communicate with patients via multiple channels, such as email, phone, chat, and social media. Freshdesk can also automate tasks, such as appointment scheduling, billing, and reporting.
        • Education: Freshdesk can help educational institutions improve their student engagement, retention, and satisfaction. Freshdesk can also help educators manage their courses, assignments, grades, and feedback. Freshdesk can also facilitate collaboration among students, teachers, and parents via forums, groups, and surveys.
        • Retail: Freshdesk can help retailers increase their sales, loyalty, and customer satisfaction. Freshdesk can also help retailers handle customer inquiries, orders, returns, and refunds. Freshdesk can also integrate with e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, to sync customer data and order information.

        Freshdesk has many benefits that can help you improve your customer service quality and efficiency. Like any other software, Freshdesk also has few drawbacks. Some of the major benefits & drawbacks are:

        • Affordable: Freshdesk offers free version as well as affordable paid plans.
        • Easy to use: Freshdesk has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for both agents and customers to use. You can set up your account in minutes and start using the software without any technical skills or training.
        • Scalable: Freshdesk is a cloud-based software that can scale with your business growth. You can add or remove agents, features, or integrations as per your changing needs. You can also choose from different plans and pricing options that suit your budget and requirements.
        • Flexible: Freshdesk is a flexible software that can adapt to your business processes and workflows. You can customize various aspects of the software, such as ticket fields, statuses, workflows, automations, reports, etc. You can also integrate Freshdesk with other tools and platforms that you use for your business.
        • Secure: Freshdesk is a secure software that protects your data and privacy. It uses SSL encryption, data backup, role-based access control, GDPR compliance, and other security measures to ensure that your data is safe and secure.


        • Support: Although Freshdesk offers 24/7 email and 24/5 phone support for all paid plans but delayed responses may be experienced during rush hours.


        Freshdesk is a powerful and versatile customer support tool that can help you manage your customer support needs streamline your customer service operations easily & efficiently. Whether you need to manage your support tickets, automate workflows, collaborate with team members, provide self-service options to customers 'or' engage with them and analyze your performance timely, Freshdesk has a solution for you. You can also integrate Freshdesk with other popular apps and platforms, such as Slack, Gmail, Shopify, and more. Freshdesk is easy to use, customizable and scalable, making it a great choice for businesses of any size and industry. If you want to learn more about Freshdesk and how it can benefit your business, you can sign up for a free trial 'or' request a demo today!


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